happy old new year

Happy Old New Year everyone!

I’m not even making something up here or being cheeky about the fact that I’m doing a new year’s post about two weeks after the actual holiday. Old New Year is a real thing. Here in Georgia, we celebrate both the regular New Year on January 1, and then the Orthodox New Year on January 14, which is the first day on the old Julian Calendar. Just in case you were wondering, yes, lots of fireworks are also set off on this holiday. It’s almost as dangerous as the (regular) New Year.

I hope all your holidays, new and old, were fantastic and that you’ve made lots of wonderful resolutions for 2013. Personally, I’m not making any resolutions; besides the usual, that is: resolving to be the Kelley you all know and love very much.  Why fix what ain’t broke?! Amirite or amirite?


To treat myself for the (regular) New Year holiday I headed to Switzerland for a week-long vacation with a friend. Why Switzerland? I suppose the thinking went something like this: “What haven’t I really seen enough of while living in Georgia these past 20 months? Hmmm…Ah yes. Snow and mountains. Switzerland it is!” Or maybe it’s just that we found fabulously cheap plane tickets and the idea of being in a place where people stand in lines was appealing. Hard to say.

We stayed in the city of Basel, located right at the meeting point of the Swiss, French, and German borders, and it was just lovely. LOVELY. There was no litter. The air was fresh. We went shopping at a grocery store and I’m pretty sure people gave us dirty looks for not bringing our own reusable bags. And at no point did a child toss a firecracker at my head.

Is Switzerland heaven? Possibly. I could have stayed forever! Except not really because I would have actually gone bankrupt almost immediately. Heaven isn’t cheap and the U.S. dollars that I’ve squirreled away felt like monopoly money there.

So here we are. 2013. In about sixish months I’ll be finishing my Peace Corps service and returning to the United States. Can you believe that? If you, in fact, cannot believe that I wouldn’t blame you at all because I can hardly believe it myself. I’m such a bundle of mixed emotions about it, too. Excited, anxious, a little scared. These feelings do make it hard, at times, to focus on the moment and live in the present. I’m pretty sure I will actually miss a lot about Georgia when I’m gone, even though that’s hard to imagine right now (I say that without bitterness).  So I’m trying to remember this and savor things here and not think too much about how very very much I miss a lot of people and things back home. I will get back to all that soon enough.

Happy Old New Year, y’all!

Me and Church of St. Elizabeth (Elisabethenkirche) reflected in holiday decorations out and about in Basel, Switzerland.

Me (looking more squat than usual) and the Church of St. Elizabeth (Elisabethenkirche) reflected in holiday decorations out and about in Basel, Switzerland.



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2 responses to “happy old new year

  1. Matt

    I have two good friends who live in Basel–both radiologists!

    • I’m happy to hear that your friends are doctors (which means they can likely afford to eat on a regular basis). Maybe someday you and Christi could plan a trip there?! If you liked Dubrovnik, I think you would also like Basel.

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