update on the status of the entire world and also my particular street

Dear readers, I am happy to report from the future (as UTC +4.00 might be considered) that the world has not ended. Thus far. We do still have quite a few hours left of December 21, 2012, so I suppose we can’t say for sure that all danger has passed. But as of this moment, I’m feeling optimistic.

I’ve been getting into the festivities by enjoying The Apocalypse Reader, a lovely collection of stories edited by Justin Taylor. If you  are looking for a manual of sorts, something chock-full of helpful advice and pro-tips for surviving end times, this isn’t really the book for you. Despite this, I can’t say I haven’t gleaned some useful information. 1) Should the world end, the company you keep definitely matters. It’s hard to survive alone. On the other hand, you must make sure that your companion is someone you absolutely trust. You want a person who is strong enough to help you scavenge for food, but not too strong in case s/he decides the best course of action is to kill and/or eat you. It’s a tricky balance. 2) Should the world end, Georgia is a good place to be. We have a basement stuffed full of canned food, which could sustain us for some time. I feel that the more access to canned food one has, the less likely s/he is to resort to killing and/or eating companions. I sure am glad we did all that canning this fall.

But, as I said, the world appears to be ok, so I don’t think we will have to eat our neighbors or anything like that.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our street. Our street is not ok.

Earlier this week, Dali told me that our neighbors were having problems with their water. Apparently some of their pipes and hoses had broken. (Fun fact: The word for hose in Georgian is shlongi.) So the shlongis had broken and water was now flooding their houses. (I think. I never know for certain if I’m really understanding everything. I’m probably not understanding everything. I’m truly an unreliable narrator.) Soon after that some men from the city came and began to dig up the street.

All week long they’ve been digging holes in the street. These holes fill up with water. They bail out the water and look for the source of the leak. As far as I understand, they have not found the leak. Dali has spent a lot of time outside discussing the situation with them. She then comes inside, exasperated, and says “I can’t even!” The digging up of the street continues.

So today, this is what our street looks like:

The current state of our street is not good.

The current state of our street is not good.

The workers are not here today. I don’t know if the problem has been resolved. I also don’t know if, after the problem is resolved, the holes will be filled back in and the street repaired.  It’s a mystery.

The word apocalypse can be defined in two ways:



  1. The complete final destruction of the world, esp. as described in the biblical book of Revelation.
  2. An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.
Would the people living on our street consider these broken pipes, flooding of their homes, and digging up of their street “an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale”? Perhaps. Perhaps they do. So maybe I can’t say that the apocalypse has been completely avoided, after all. Maybe these things all depend on where one is standing.

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