over the ocean and through the mountainous interior

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I just want to tell you that I’m so thankful for the people in my life, both here in Georgia and back home. Just this week we had some fun Thanksgiving-related activities at our weekly English conversation club. The kids told us they were thankful for us Peace Corps Volunteers and how we are teaching them English. Golly. I mean, if that does not warm your heart then you are cold and dead inside, my friend.

I’m certainly thankful for this Internet thingy that allows me to keep in touch with all of you who are far away in America. I’ll let you in on a little secret. About 90% of the reason I created this blog was so that you wouldn’t forget me. Like if I kept posting silly photos and making pithy observations it would be impossible for the memory of my sweet face to fall out of your brain pan. So here I am, continuing to metaphorically jump up and down, wave my little arms, and shout in my squeaky voice “Helloooooo! I’m right here!!!!” And, hey, it’s worked. You have remembered me!

I love communicating with you all by email and this blog and The Facebook. But the most special notes are the ones you send me through the regular old mail. I have a whole wall in my room (the Wall of Fame, if you will) where I’ve tacked up the handwritten cards I’ve received over these many many months. There is truly nothing as exciting in my Peace Corps life (nothing, I tell you) as getting a call from Mari at the local post office telling me that something new has arrived. Mail is the best.

And sometimes it’s not just a letter or card, but a giant package. I have received so many thoughtful packages during my time here and I’m grateful for every one of them. It’s a huge expense and an enormous pain to send a package to Georgia. I know. I’ve heard from more than one of you about the heated conversation you had with a local postal worker about how, yes, there is a country called Georgia. I assure that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

And another one arrived this week! It was a completely unexpected surprise sent to me by my friends from orchestra. Do they know I’ve been sitting here all sad faced, terribly missing them? Do they know I went into a panic last month fretting that there might not be a place for me in the second violin section when I return (because, you guys, I’m actually not that good a violinist at all and it’s a real concern that other people might figure that out one day)? But here was this amazing box full of the most wonderful goodies and treats. And so many new notes and cards, which will find their way onto the Wall. When did I get so lucky?! I literally do not know!

Anyway, I’m sending all y’all warm thoughts and sweet virtual hugs. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful you haven’t forgotten me. I hope someday I can pay forward all the love I’ve been shown over the last year and a half.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the leaves that the kids created for our Thankful Tree. It says, in case you can’t read it, “I am thankful for Kristin, Kelly, and Kimberlly because they are teaching us English.” Yes, they spelled my name wrong (such is my curse), but I don’t even care! This is too cute.

The contents of the fantastic package I just received. Look at all these delicious and useful things. I especially can’t wait to crack open those informative magazines.

One of the items in the package was Justin Bieber Duck Tape®!!! OMG. I kind of want to break some things just so I can repair them with my Justin Bieber Duck Tape®.

The Wall of Fame, to which my new cards and notes will be added.


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